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About quant mutual fund

Originally incorporated in 1996, quant Mutual Fund is one of the oldest and pioneering mutual funds in India with an over 22 year legacy in the asset management industry in the country. At quant mutual, with our dynamic and active style of money management, we endeavor to generate alpha while safeguarding the interest of our investors. Our philosophy of active, absolute, unconstrained along with our multi-dimensional research and proprietary indicators gives us confidence that we will be able to manage money with the required agility, which is necessary in the evolving macroeconomic environment.

About quant Money Managers Ltd.

quant Money Managers Ltd. is an investment management firm offering a diverse set of investment products across asset classes. Our expertise in the investment management domain has been built upon a solid foundation of multi-dimensional research and technology, derived from our sponsor - quant Capital Finance & Investments Pvt Ltd.

Our focus on 'Predictive Analytics' - combining robust technology and multi-dimensional research - has helped hone our ability to thrive under diverse market environments by looking beyond the obvious, evident in a strong track record of identifying critical market inflexion points. As the logical next phase of our evolution, we provide money management services that leverage our cross-asset, cross-market investment expertise and create ethical wealth for our clients.

quant Money Managers Limited "QMML" (AMC) was incorporated on December 12, 1995, and was approved to act as an Asset Management Company for the quant Mutual Fund by SEBI vide its letter dated October 30, 2017. In terms of the Investment Management Agreement, the Trustee Company has appointed the quant Money Managers Limited to manage the Mutual Fund.

Why quant Mutual?

We at quant thrive on innovation to stay relevant in the ever-changing world. While terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI) / machine learning and 'Big Data' have recently come into vogue, at quant we have been using these data analytical techniques since over 10 years.

At quant, investment analytics is a part of our identity. While there are a number of available tools and data analysis techniques, we also believe in close monitoring of behavioral data points of market participants and study the sentiments of the investors in the market. We believe that the market is a byproduct of sentiments, and along with our predictive analytics, we are able to connect the dots. Thanks to having adopted this approach from the beginning, quant has already built a strong reputation for pioneering behavioral finance approach to investing in India.

As a Mutual Fund, we have a vast array of offerings which include quant Active Fund, quant Absolute Fund, quant Focused Fund, quant Large & Midcap Fund, quant Midcap Fund, quant Smallcap Fund, quant Consumption Fund, quant Infrastructure Fund, quant Tax Plan, quant Liquid Fund, quant Money Market Fund, quant Dynamic Bond Fund and quant Multi Asset Fund. We believe that these products cover the full spectrum of our investor’s needs, and are confident that with an agile asset allocation, our investors will be able to reach their financial goals.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
'Measurable is Reliable' - is a fundamental qGR mantra.

Our research enables us to capture market behavior in terms of quantifiable variables through our proprietary indicators.

These extensively back-tested indicators - which in combination help us to capture market trends - are the soul of our market calls and are backed by years of extensive technology-driven, macro focused research.

Summarily, quant's investment philosophy and tools aid in rational decision making by going beyond the traditional approach of focusing solely on financial forecasting. In these tumultuous times, when it has become critical to look beyond the obvious to extract proactive clues on market trends, quant's multi-faceted research approach is significantly differentiated: our indicators represent unbiased actionable analyses, a cognitive tool for quantifying fundamental expectations, tradable sentiments and behavioral attitudes. They are unique in their ability to condense multi-dimensional research into one-dimensional singularities. Further, qGR utilizes its unique skills in aggregating market inputs for all asset classes, dividing smart money / dumb money and subtracting cross-market overlap and finally multiplying with the long-term macro landscape.

The hidden force behind market dynamics lies in quant and we are quant!

Vision Statement
Analysis adds up

With an exhaustive data-driven investment paradigm, we are confident that our methodology allows us to see beyond the vision of standard fundamental and technical analysis. A testament to this ability to see beyond what is obvious is our prescient track record over the years.

We also envision ourselves as global asset allocators for the world's savings!

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